Dance To The Fullest

There's no faster way to improve your dancing in general and Two-Step in particular than setting up private lessons with Hill Country Two Step.

Know Your Options

If privacy is of the utmost importance, nothing beats our studio lessons. Only the student or students taking the lesson are in the studio with your instructors. We always use both lead and follow instructors to teach your session.

Our studio private lessons are available on certain

  • Mondays
  • Tuesdays*
  • Fridays
  • Saturdays
  • Sundays

Our private lessons at Little Longhorn are available on

  • Tuesdays*
  • Wednesdays.

*Please note that you can request a Tuesday lesson at either our practice studio or the Little Longhorn Saloon.

Fully booked dates will be grayed out in our calendar. Please note that your submission is a request for that date. Please allow us to confirm, and we'll send you a Venmo non-refundable deposit for your lesson.

If you need a date that is not available on our calendar or have a special event you need hosted, please contact us here.

Quick FAQS

Our lessons have received rave reviews across the board. We are experienced at Texas Two Step and dancing in real dancehalls and honky tonk environments. However, don't think we don't have studio or competitive experience. We do. We've trained and danced with some of the top dancers in the world. We combine the best of both worlds to make your learning experience both enjoyable and fruitful.

Two, a lead and follow.

Other studios have lowered their hourly lessons to 40 minutes. Our lessons remain at 50 minutes.

You are already paying less. Studios are charging an average of $149 for one instructor's lesson of 40 minutes. Our lessons are 50 minutes long, you get the experience of two instructors, and we only charge $115 or $120 for your lesson. And if you'd like to bring a dance partner, not problem.

In our practice studio, privacy is total. Only the student or students are in the studio with the instructors. Curtains can even be closed if so desired. Our music is stop and start depending on how the lesson is going.

At the Little Longhorn Saloon, there may be patrons present as we teach the student or students their lesson. Our focus is completely on teaching the lesson. But there may be a glance or two if someone is in the bar at the time of the lesson. You can, of course, also purchase beer or another beverage of your choice and enjoy it as your lesson progresses. The music is typically ongoing through our selections for the lesson, without stop and starts.

We do provide the music for your lesson. We choose songs based on our experience with what we are teaching and your abilities.

The answer to this question is, it depends. Please note that after 4 lessons, we discount every 5th lesson by as much as 30%. Our goal is to guide you toward becoming a better dancer. If you put in the effort to practice what you learn, you will improve.

We accept cash or Venmo. When you book online, it's a request for that date. Once we double-check our calendar, we will confirm that we can do your lesson on the date(s) you've chosen by email and/or text. Once we're on the same page, we'll send you a Venmo link to pay a 50% deposit. This deposit is non-refundable. This is because we have our own studio fees and we have told other students that your confirmed date is unavailable. However, in the event of a cancellation on your part, we can rebook you for another date at a 25% discount. If we need to cancel a date we have set for you, we will do your lesson at another date at no extra charge. Your deposit will be payment in full.

Please note that rescheduling, if possible, by mutual agreement no later than 48 hours before your lesson does not incur any loss to either party. We'll just do the lesson at another time as long as this change works for both parties, the student and instructors.

At your lesson, you can pay the balance for your lesson with cash or Venmo. Your choice.

We're easy going. Just contact us and let us know in detail what you require.

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